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CropVue Releases WebApp Platform for Automated Pest Monitoring

Updated: May 7


May 1, 2024

Media Contact: Amy Jancewicz 

Business Program Manager

CropVue Technologies, Inc.

Surrey, BC, Canada - CropVue is pleased to announce the release of our completely updated WebApp for automated pest monitoring. Based on customer feedback, we have added several new features and improved the intuitive interface for managing CropVue devices and reviewing pest images, AI-driven pest recognition, pest count development, degree day models, and field alerts.

Some of the features we’re most excited about include:

  • Dashboard Overview: A quick view tells you what fields need attention, and clicking into any field shows the most recent image from each trap device located there.

  • Alerts Function: Get automatic notices via email for traps that need service for pest arrival, liner change, or image quality.

  • Health Summary: View devices,  battery, and signal, including specific devices that need immediate attention.

  • Degree Day Models: Create a list of degree day models for an incanopy weather device and run these to see egg hatch predictions along with our new graph that visualizes biofix and integrates a 16 day weather forecast.

The functionality from our original interface has been retained to define field boundaries on a property, view your devices on a map, and see images that traps are acquiring.

If you are interested in a demonstration of our WebApp, and to learn more about our sensors, AI, or approach to affordable automated crop scouting, please contact CropVue at

About CropVue Technologies

CropVue Technologies was founded to simplify precision crop protection and monitor overall pest pressure. With more than 6000 sensors deployed to date, CropVue supplies affordable all-in-one, remote camera traps to identify and monitor pests in both specialty and row crops. Additionally, CropVue’s in-canopy weather devices measure your farm’s specific microclimate conditions. CropVue uses AI to derive insights from the data we collect, including pest identification and degree day models that accurately predict pest egg hatch. CropVue data can be seamlessly integrated with existing farm management tools using our API, and our WebApp offers an intuitive interface to help growers plan where and when crop protection is applied for optimal crop yield while reducing costs and improving environmental sustainability. To learn more, please visit

CropVue WebApp v2.0 PR
Download PDF • 869KB

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