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Configure and Install
Your Own Real-Time
Sensor Network

Track Pest Pressure and

Better Protect Your Crops

Our in field sensor products are designed to be easy for growers and Ag professionals to install and operate. Select your automated camera trap density (how many per area) and field placement (where to put them) then hang them up, power them on, and start getting detailed insights of when and where pest pressure is happening in your fields.


Integrated Pest Management

With automated trapping, you get daily updates on pest counts in your fields. AI recognition delivers accurate results automatically so you can focus on optimal crop protection activities.


Micro Climate Weather

Most growers rely on weather from a station that is too far away to measure actual conditions in the field.
In-canopy weather can vary greatly from weather recorded at the nearest station. Accurate weather data helps pest activity models to stay ahead of potential threats and optimize crop protection strategies.

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Data and AI Analysis

Raw sensor data is only the start. Our cloud services process your data by triggering on thresholds and trends that will notify you directly on your smartphone or web browser.

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