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How CropVue™ Works

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Our sensors offer the easiest installation experience with reliable and accurate performance. Unlike other systems that use repeaters and gateways to communicate to the cloud, or suffer from low bandwidth, CropVue™ sensors establish a direct, high-speed cellular connection so there are no points of failure or additional networking hardware costs. With built-in GPS, CropVue™ sensors self-locate so its easy to just hang them up and power them on. And with solar charging, you won't be changing batteries every 1-2 years.

1. Deploy All-In-One Sensors

Our sensors are designed for the environment of the farm. They are built to run in all seasons for up to 5 years. Every sensor is equipped with an on-board solar panel to keep its lithium ion battery powered - even in 50% indirect sunlight (ie., works inside an orchard canopy). Built-in GPS self-locates the sensor on power up. Every sensor establishes a direct cellular connection to transmit its measurement data daily.

Sensors are designed to reliably monitor weather, pest, disease, and soil conditions.

2. Connect to CropVue Cloud

CropVue's sensors continuously and securely upload data to the CropVue cloud using native LTE-M, NBIoT, or GSM/2G networks

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3. Receive Data-Driven Farm Management Insights

Image data and predictive insights are delivered directly to your CropVue WebApp. Alerts let you prepare for key events on-farm and have confidence in your data. 

CropVue's sensors continuously and securely upload data to the CropVue cloud.

AI analysis and predictive modeling provide actionable insights to improve farm efficiency, yield, and profit.

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