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Flexible Smart Farming

Smart farming is the use of sensors in the field that continuously upload key data to the cloud for analysis that lead to notifying growers with actionable results to drive better crop yield.

Sensors in orchards.png

Deploy Sensors Into The Field

Solar powered sensors are placed at a high density throughout the growers fields to monitor weather, pest, disease, and soil conditions.

Wireless to cloud.png

Seamless Communication To The Cloud

Sensors upload their measurements to our cloud services over cellular networks for secure storage and analysis.

Analysis and insights.png

Automated Analysis To Report What Matters

Data analysis and models are used to crunch raw sensor data into key information that growers can use to achieve better results.

Our sensors offer the easiest installation experience with reliable and accurate performance. Unlike other systems that use repeaters and gateways to communicate to the cloud or suffer from low bandwidth, CropVue sensors establish a direct, high-speed cellular connection so there are no points of failure or additional networking hardware costs. With built-in GPS, CropVue sensors self locate so its easy to just hang them up and power them on. And with solar charging, you won't be changing batteries every 1-2 years.

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