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Sensors That Make A Difference

Our sensors are designed for the harsh UV environment of the farm. They are built to run in the field and service for up to 5 years. Every sensor offers solar charging to keep its lithium ion battery powered even in 50% indirect sunlight (ie., works inside an orchard canopy). Built-in GPS self locates the sensor on power up. Every sensor establishes a direct cellular connection to transmit its measurement data throughout the day.

  • Sealed UV protective housing

  • Illuminated power button

  • Cellular modem with built-in antenna
    and preloaded SIM card

  • Built-in GPS to self locate

  • Solar panel to maintain battery charge

  • Over the air firmware upgrades

Incanopy Weather Sensor

InCanopy Weather Sensor

Measure temperature and humidity accurately where you need it - throughout your crops. Temperatures can vary significantly across a large farm. If you want to track the onset of frost, monitor dew point, or feed degree day growing models to predict fruit maturity or pest egg hatches, then we recommend placing these sensors every 10 acres (4 ha).

Pest Trap Sensor

Tracking when harmful insects first appear on the farm is critical to predicting when to spray pesticides or disperse pheromones. Our pest trap has a built-in 5Mp camera with white LED lighting. Every day, a high quality picture is taken of the sticky liner inside our delta trap design. These images are sent to AI algorithms in the cloud to automatically identify and count insects. The counts determine a biofix date where pest models then predict egg hatches based on accurate degree day weather monitoring.

Trap Sensor
Automatic Moth Counting

AI Insect Counting

Images received by our trap sensors are automatically analyzed every day by powerful AI algorithms to recognize and count a particular insect such as the codling moth. This example shows moths (red boxes) segmented from other insects (blue boxes).

We have many more features available. Get in touch for more details.

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